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Matteo Fogale, design is making.

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What is design? Why are you designer?

Design for me is a conglomerate of things. Its an art form that uses many mediums and combines different fields, is a collaborative process mixing crafts, science and technology. Design challenges the concept of functionality. An object has several functions, from practical to emotional, design objects gives us not just something to use but something to feel something about. Its being creative, visionary, pragmatic, unconventional, and productive. Design is making something significant.

I love the opportunity to give people emotions. They say we all have our way to communicate and this is provably mine. I like to create something physical from just a vision, in a more digitalise world, to work with the matter. I like to see design as art for someone to use. Wether is just to look at it or to seat on it. I come from a family of artists and engineers and design seats right in between. 

How you see design in the future?

I still see it as a craft. Wether you use technology or make something digital design cannot be done by machines. You need the human emotions behind it and the human hand to shape something humans will use. You just can’t take the human side out of design. 

I see design being more bespoke to ones needs. In the future you will have your chair, your sofa, your table and no body else’s will have it because it was tailored specifically or your needs, your taste and your feelings. Design is a very personal thing and the more the world around us becomes more and more anonymous design will make a difference and give us that individuality we need. 

What are you working on right now?

I’m making furniture for a good friend of mine and I’m preparing myself for a residency in Uruguay with the British Council to research about the work of the architect Julio Vilamajó.

This is a very exciting opportunity for me to go back to my home country to work and meet very interesting people and visit amazing places. I’m really looking forward to it. 

Which is you opinion about consumerism in our society?

I think is quite sad. We are obviously missing so much on so many aspects of our lives that we feel the urge and need to replace this by buying things to be happy. We would buy fresh air if they'd sell it to us. We provably grow up as part of a generation where ‘more and cheaper ‘ became the ethos of our times. Where we buy new things and replace stuff in a very short period of time. We buy new things that look old, we throw away stuff that is old and we buy old stuff and call it vintage. But I do feel we are reaching a dead-end and are desperate for a change, where everyone realised that quality is important and durability is more sustainable. We are a nomad generation that got used to rental spaces and cheap furniture you wouldn’t mind to throw away but we are realising this is a very superficial way of living and we are not attached to our belongings anymore. I do feel people needs and deserves to get that feeling back. Is our responsibility as designers to deliver this to them.