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Lunch with Jesús Terrés at Askua

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At Mouet we love what we do. Passion, dedication and tenacity – all of these things go into our work to ensure we create products that make us proud. It’s not easy, but we wouldn’t want it any other way: our passion is what guides us.


To us, life and work is a bit like a marathon. At times, your strength wavers. But it’s at these moments that a brutal and honest realization unexpectedly takes hold: you’re doing this because it’s something that you truly want to do. Often we receive a helping hand from others, who, without knowing it, provide that extra lift we need. Many of them are strangers, whose work inspires us to keep going. In their duties and endeavors, we see values that we share.


Earlier today we caught up with Jesús Terrés over a bite to eat. Jesús is someone we have admired for some time. We offered to let him choose when and where we would eat. He settled on Askua, in Valencia, where we chatted wholeheartedly about many interesting things.


An honest summary of our conversation is below, in Q&A format:


1.- Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jesús Terrés. I write a bit. I design a bit. I talk to interesting people, drink heady wines and travel the world trying out restaurants. That’s more or less it!


2.- Why you choose Askua today?

There comes a time in life when a man (or woman, of course, but I’m a man!) stops looking for unnecessary frills and sticks to the simple things. It applies to architecture, literature, design … even relationships. In gastronomy, this approach means using only high-quality, additive-free products. There’s no other restaurant that achieves this like Askua.


3.- What made you get involved in the wine scene?

I’m very interested, fascinated even, by aromas. It’s actually what I like most about wine tasting. To taste a wine is to smell it, basically. By chance I came across a Moselle Riesling vertical tasting more than 15 years ago and it all started from there. Since then the world of wine has been a big part of my life.


4.- Why did you accept our invitation?

I think what you do is genuine. It’s beautiful and honest – and you’ll have my genuine support (even if it’s not very much in the grand scheme of things) for as long as it continues.


5.- So what’s next?

Living. Believe it or not, it takes time – you can’t rush it!


In terms of projects: try to do things right and (why not?) spend more time talking about projects like yours: not that well known, but still full of talent, passion and honesty. Little gems that a lot of us still believe in, like that “Galia”.